How to Defend Allied Democracies against Hostile Influence & Disinformation Operations


15 – 19 May 2017

THE STRATCOM SUMMIT welcomed altogether 330 participants representing 29 countries over five days. Specifically, 140 government specialists representing 27 countries came to the restricted part of the SUMMIT.

About the SUMMIT:

In recent years, NATO and citizens of its member states are under fire of systematic disinformation campaigns led by aggressive regimes – mainly by the Russian Federation and ISIL. The main goal of this summit is to bring together relevant figures from state administrations and civil society and discuss effective practices and policies for defending democratic states and societies.

Western democratic countries as well as international organizations started to adopt number of measures directed against the hostile influence & disinformation efforts. In order to successfully counter these campaigns, coordination and best-practices sharing is a key component. STRATCOM SUMMIT aims to contribute to creating and improving existing policies to counter disinformation campaigns by bringing together experts from European countries and the USA and providing a platform for discussion and policy development.


Policy shift overview: How the Czech Republic became one of the European leaders in countering Russian disinformation

Over the last year, the Czech Republic has undergone a major policy shift on the topic of Russian disinformation. Many questions have been raised on how it has happened and what practically it means. This paper aims to bring a simplified overview of what has happened in this particular field in the Czech context since 2014. This Kremlin Watch Report is available in PDF.

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A framework guide to tools for countering hostile foreign electoral interference

This brief Report aims to enumerate the tools that are nowadays used for hostile electoral interference and how they can be countered. It consists of 35 measures in 15 steps for enhancing the resilience of the democratic electoral process. The report by our Kremlin Watch Programme is available in PDF.

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Overview of countermeasures by the EU28 to the Kremlin’s subversion operations 

How do the EU28 perceive and react to the threat of hostile influence and disinformation operations by the Russian Federation and its proxies? Kremlin Watch Report available in PDF.

Overview of countermeasures by the EU28 to the Kremlin’s subve


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