Aims and Purposes

The European Values Think-Tank is a non-governmental policy institute defending liberal democracy.

Our vision is that of a free, safe and prosperous Czech Republic within Central Europe that is an integral part of the West.

We help to face aggressive regimes, radicalisation within the society, the spread of authoritarian tendencies and extremist ideologies including Islamism.

We provide decision-makers with expert recommendations and we systematically watch and evaluate their performance. We consider active citizens, accountable politicians, political parties that fulfil their role, as well as cohesive society that shares the values of individual freedom, human dignity and equal rights to be the principle elements of a functioning liberal democracy.

Since 2005, as a non-governmental and a non-profitable organisation which is not linked to any political party, we have pursued research and educational activities. In addition to publishing analytical papers and commentaries for the media, we organise conferences, seminars and training sessions for both experts and the wider public. Our events provide a platform for dialogue amongst politicians, experts, journalists, businesspeople and students.

Covenants of the Association

European Values Think-Tank is legally a civic association. Download the covenants HERE.


The name of the think-tank ‘European Values’ refers to the basic principles which have been evolving in Europe for centuries and gave birth to political institutions of liberal democracy. Such institutions can be found in Northern America, Australia and at many other places all over the world. In our terms the ‘European values’ are the ‘values of Western civilisation’.


Winged Pegasus in a jump is the main symbol of our logo. It represents vitality and strength of a horse combined with lightness and freedom of a bird. This is the way we aim to contribute to the public debate. Pegasus, on which heroic Bellerofontés defeated monstrous Chimera (symbolising delusion), concurrently refers to the Ancient Greece. It is the thoughts of Ancient Greek philosophers together with Roman laws and Jewish-Christian tradition that create the three main roots of the European (Western) civilisation.

Download the Logo

You can download the logos here and here.