Ethical Codex

I. Transparent financing

1. The entire income is used exclusively for fulfilling the purposes and advancing the values of European Values.

2. All members of executive and supervisory board perform their jobs in these agencies voluntarily and without any claims for reward.

3. Every year all financial operations and complete accountancy are declassified and tested in an impartial accounting audit.

4. We use transparent bank account. You can view it HERE.

5. All information about sponsorships or donations is published on the website as well as in annual reports and on request made by any subject or individual.

II. Conflict of Interests

6. We defend personal freedom combined with responsibility, human dignity and solidarity in a healthy environment of market economy and democratic jural state. We highly appreciate active civic society including citizens’ membership in political parties. Advancing these values is the main lead of our actions and cooperation with other subjects in public sphere on both national and international levels.

7. We are neither connected to any political party, nor do we propagate any. We try and develop proper relations with representatives across the political spectrum in the Czech Republic and on the international level.

8. Our members, employees and associates are not allowed to be simultaneously active in any executive function within a political party. If they do take part in any executive function of a political party, their membership and activities within European Values are automatically paused.

9. If individual European Values members, employees or associates, out of their personal business, interests, or other commitments, decide to take part in any politician’s or political party’s campaign, they inform the executive board of the European Values in advance. During such engagement, they clearly distinguish between actions in the name of European Values and another role.

10. We are a responsible organisation sensible towards protection of the environment. This attitude is expressed via the behaviour of our members, employees and associates in their offices as well as during fulfilling our projects.

This Codex has been valid since April 1st, 2013 (according to the approval given by the executive board of the European Values).