Miloš Zeman

Shimon Peres, the last of the generation of founders of the State of Israel and a long-time proponent of a two-state solution, died in the age of 93. Politicians from all around the Globe came to honour his legacy to a funeral last week. One of the few statesmen who were missing was the Czech president Milos Zeman. Why? He went to Rhodos for the Dialogue of Civilizations conference hosted by the close ally of Vladimir Putin and a former high-ranking KGB official Vladimir Yakunin.

When asked about his absence at the funeral he said: “I thought a lot about going to the funeral. But I am used to fulfil my promises. And since I promised the organizers that I will come to Rhodos, I had to come. I like Shimon Peres very much. If I did not have this commitment, I would have come to the funeral.” When the president first officially announced his participation in Rhodos, he explained it by wanting to talk with Slovak Prime Minister and Hungarian president about the migration crisis. But Fico and Orbán both went to the funeral instead.

For his decision to visit the propagandistic conference for friends of the Kremlin despite all the Western politicians travelled to the funeral of an admired statesman and a proponent of peace, we decided to award Miloš Zeman with our weekly price.putinversteher