Our Team


Jakub Janda


E-mail: janda@evropskehodnoty.cz

Twitter: www.twitter.com/_JakubJanda


  • Actions of Czech politicians and institutions of EU
  • Foreign and security  policy of Czech Republic
  • Defence of liberal democracy
  • Kremlin disinformation campaign

PROFILE: Jakub Janda is Head of Kremlin Watch Program and Director of the European Values Think-Tank based in Prague. He specializes in response of democratic states to hostile disinformation and influence operations. He is Associate Fellow at Slovak Security Policy Institute and regular contributor for the Atlantic Council. He serves a member of Editorial Board of expert portal AntiPropaganda.sk and as a proud member of Active Reserves of the Czech Armed Forces.

In 2016 – 2017, he was tasked by Czech security and intelligence institutions to consult on “Influence of Foreign Powers” chapter within Audit of National Security conducted by the Czech government, where he was involved in the Czech policy shift on this issue. Since 2015, he was asked to provide briefings or trainings in more than 20 countries. In the past he worked for humanitarian agency ADRA International and for a Member of the Czech Parliament.

 See his CV in English. You can follow him on Twitter or  Facebook.

Veronika Víchová

Coordinator and Analyst

E-mail: vichova@evropskehodnoty.cz

PROFILE: She joined European Values Think-Tank in 2015, focusing on security affairs. During 2015 she joined the Kremlin Watch Program where she concentrates on European aspects of hostile disinformation operations. She has co-authored a study on how Kremlin propaganda portrays European leaders which was published by The Atlantic Council. She contributes to the Information War Monitor for Central Europe published bi-weekly by the Globsec Policy Institute. She regularly compiles the Kremlin Watch Monitor, a weekly briefing on disinformation and propaganda for European experts, journalists and officials. She is a graduate of Masaryk University in Brno, the Czech Republic. Read her publications in English and in Czech.

Alžběta Chmelařová

Senior Analyst, based in London

E-mail: alzbeta.chmelarova@evropskehodnoty.cz

Phone: +44 7455 496 444

PROFILE: Elizabeth specializes in post-Soviet countries, especially Ukraine, Russia and Azerbaijan. She has experience from the region, having worked there for a long time, for both the state and the non-profit sector. She acted as a diplomat at the political section of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Kiev (2013-2017) and before that, in the human-law department of People in Need. She studied international relations at FSV UK. She is currently based in London and is engaged in country risk and due consultancy diligence. She also cooperates with the Association for International Affairs.


Lenka Víchová

Senior Analyst and specialist on Ukraine

E-mail: lenka.vichova@evropskehodnoty.cz

Phone number: +420 774 236 916


  • Kremlin disinformation campaign
  • Situation in Ukraine

PROFILE: Devoted to Ukraine since her studies on Philosophical Faculty of Charles University. She is implementor and editor of project Ukrainian Journal. Furthermore she is a member of Czech Association of Specialist on Ukraine and has externally cooperated with Caritas Czech Republic and International Organisation for Migration. Besides Czech, she speaks Ukrainian, Russian and Polish.


Johana Grohová

Senior Analyst

PROFILE: Johana Grohová has extensive experience from the fields of media, diplomacy and strategic communication. She worked in a number of Czech media (MF DNES, Euro, Týden zpravodajská TV Z1, Aktuálně.cz). For five years she was the rapporteur for the European issues in Brussels. Then she worked as a consultant of media relations and communications, among her clients were for example the British Council or the European foundation New Direction- The Foundation for European Reform. After returning from Brussels, she worked as a press spokesman for the three Czech foreign ministers, she spent recent years in the service of Czech diplomacy in the area of strategic communication. Her complete profile is available on LinkedIn.

Monika Richter

Kremlin Watch Program Analyst

based in the USA

Email: monika.richter@evropskehodnoty.cz


  • Audience and impact of disinformation (demand vs. supply)
  • Russian influence and disinformation in the U.S.

PROFILE: Monika joined the Kremlin Watch Program in March 2017. She became interested in the Kremlin’s disinformation campaign with the onset of the Ukraine crisis in 2013, and subsequently devoted her graduate research to the effectiveness of this campaign with target audiences in the West. Her Masters thesis involved an online survey experiment with 1,200 U.S. participants that tested the attitudinal effects of exposure to Russian coverage of the Ukraine war. The study received national media coverage in the U.K. as the first controlled experiment on the impact of Kremlin-sponsored broadcasting aimed at Western citizens.

At Kremlin Watch, Monika focuses on the disinformation scene in the U.S. and the broader challenges of fighting information pollution in the age of unchecked digital media. She holds degrees in Politics and International Relations from the University of Oxford, St Antony’s College (MPhil) and the University of St Andrews (MA). Born to Czech emigrant parents and raised in the U.S., she speaks native Czech and English, as well as German (B2). Her full profile is available on LinkedIn.

Markéta Krejčí

Junior Analyst

E-mail: mkrejci@evropskehodnoty.cz

PROFILE: Markéta Krejčí has joined the European Values Think-Tank as intern in 2014, focusing on EU´s external relations. As a member of the Kremlin Watch Program since 2015, she is primarily responsible for the monitoring of the Czech disinformation scene and for contributions to the EEAS East StratCom Disinformation Review. Her second major weekly responsibility is reviewing and summarizing of the relevant studies published by expert institutions on this issue. In addition to the issue of the Kremlin’s information operations, she focuses on the eastern dimension of the European Union’s external relations. She is currently finishing her master’s degree in European Studies at the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University in Brno.

Jakub Fišer

Jakub joined the European Values in October 2016 as a Communication team intern and continued with an internship in the Kremlin Watch program, of which he is now a Member. He has participated on several papers dealing with the Russian influence in individual EU countries, contributes to our regular Kremlin Watch Monitor, and focuses on Czech disinformation outlets. Jakub is currently studying Politics & International Relations and International Area Studies at Charles University in Prague.

Klára Votavová

email: votavova@evropskehodnoty.cz

Klára Votavová joined the Kremlin Watch team in March 2017 as an intern. She focuses mainly on the effects of digital revolution on global media environment, with a special accent on challenges arising from this trend (e.g. the power and social responsibility of online platforms, new media business models, dissemination of disinformation, social bubbles, media and digital regulation). She is also interested in European politics, institutions and the media, cultural and digital policies of the EU. She works as a Blue Book trainee for the Research Executive Agency of the European Commission and she equally has experience from the European Parliament, the Brussels based consultancy KEA European Affairs and the Czech economic daily Hospodářské noviny. She holds a Bachelor Degree in European Studies and International Relations from Masaryk University in Brno and a Masters in European Studies from the Maastricht University in the Netherlands.

See her complete professional profile at LinkedIn. She tweets at @klaravot.

Kateryna Kruk

Kateryna Kruk is a civil activist and political scientist, co-founder of the international network Global Ukrainians.

She holds a double master’s degree in political science and European Interdisciplinary Studies. An alumna of Wroclaw University, Poland, Central European University, Hungary, College of Europe, Belgium. Participated in the demonstrations on the streets of Kyiv, protesting against President Viktor Yanukovych’s rejection of an EU trade deal. For her active position and commitment during Maidan Kateryna was awarded a Freedom Award “For the people of Maidan” from the Atlantic Council of the USA. Also, Kateryna is a social media journalist and political analyst. She writes for the Guardian, BNE Intellinews, Newsweek, Foreign Policy. My work focuses on developments of Ukrainian civil society, political situation in Ukraine, Russian disinformation and the ways to counter it, new social movements, relations between the European Union and Ukraine.

She worked as a spokesperson of the Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine (2014), Ministry of Health (2017), and as a political adviser in the European Parliament (2015-2016). Recently she has worked in the field of strategic communications in the Ukraine Crisis Media Centre project for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, where she was responsible for social media and international communications of the Ukrainian parliament. Kateryna Kruk is also a member of the strategic communications team working on the development of Ukraine’s doctrine of informational security. Bilingual in Ukrainian and Polish. Fluent in English, Russian, French, German.