Our international activities
  • John Sipher, former CIA Russia Operations Director, recommends following our Briefing.
  • Oleksii Makeiev, Political Director of the  Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called our work “outstanding“.
  • The Czech Republic is taking a leading role in Europe’s response to disinformation, thanks to European Values Think-Tank- one of the top European think-tanks on this issue,”  says Giles Portman, Head of EEAS East STRATCOM Team
    • Since 2016, we have been invited to do briefings for government security & intelligence institutions in 15, mainly NATO countries.
  • Since 2016, we are organizing the STRATCOM SUMMIT conferences, one of the best Western specialist event on countering disinformation.
  • Vicepresident of the U.S. National Endowment for Democracy considers us one of the top 5 disinformation analysts in this business.
  • On threats related to disinformation operations, we have personally briefed members or staffers to members of the European Parliament (Committee on Constitutional Affairs, Committee on Legal Affairs, Committee on Security & Defence) and of the U. S. House Committee on Homeland Security, U. S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and U. S. House Committee on the Judiciary.
  • We came up with the first full-scale policy strategy, based on consultations with over three dozens international experts. This strategy was presented at a public hearing in the European Parliament in June 2016, as we were invited by Guy Verhofstadt, leader of liberal group (ALDE).
  • Our paper are regularly published by the Atlantic Council of the United States.
  • Our monitoring & analytical knowledge is quoted by Radio Free Europe, POLITICO, ARD, ZDF, The New York Times, France 24 of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.
  • Our team was part of the 2016 NYT efforts for exposing the Russian influence in Europe which was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in early 2017.
Our Czech activities
  • Czech Prime Minister & Interior Minister have announced in May 2016 that the state will set up a specialized Centre on Terrorism and Hybrid Threats at the Ministry of Interior. Its establishment was one of our recommendations as were were officially consulting for Czech Governmental National Security Audit. Some of the Czech media has called us “spiritual fathers” of the new Centre on Terrorism and Hybrid Threats.
  • Czech Ministry of the Interior published its first Quarterly Report of 2016 on the state of Czech extremist scene. For the first time it linked far-right organizations with pro-Kremlin tendencies. Based on our monitoring, we have advocated for the state recognition of this threat. Following are the lines, which are in the official state report: „Many of these alternative media purposefully published misinformation and conspiracy theories. These alternative media are characterized by understating the source of information. In case of proving the falsity of some of the allegations they do not move to further explanation. Usually it is enough for them to launch a message to the public.“
  • We systematically brief top Czech politicians about threats of the pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign. Our monitoring products are periodically read by the Czech Interior Minister Milan Chovanec, NATO Military Committee Chairman Petr Pavel, or EU Justice Commissioner Vera Jourová.
  • Within our monitoring activities of pro-Kremlin websites, we noticed that these servers occasionally publish texts of pro-Atlantic politicians in order to create impression that these conspiracy sites are reputable. When we pointed it out in March 2016, the (governing Christian-democratic) KDU-ČSL party publicly denounced such a practise, the texts under the names of its politicians no longer appear on these conspiracy servers.
  • We have played an important role in the affair of „a brown jacket“when a specific conspiracy web sites created the impression that the State led the anti-immigration, as well as for-migration demonstrations in Prague in the spring of 2016. Subsequently, our evidence was used by the Czech Minister Interior at a press conference and by the Interior Ministry which mentioned this incident as an example of tactics and disinformation activities directed against the Czech Republic in its quarterly Report on the state of the extremist scene.
  • Also thanks to our work, Czech politicians and high officials are addressing threat of disinformation operations.  We cooperate closely with offices of political & security officials in the Czech Republic.