Educational Program


Educational activities for high schools – I live in democracy Program

The aim of the educational program “I live in democracy“ is to lead the young people towards confident, active citizenship, as the main pillar of democracy is confident and responsible citizens, who understand their rights and duties.

Program “I live in democracy“

  • is meant for high school students of the 2nd and 3rd year
  • introduces the principles of how democratic state works to the students
  • workshop with experienced lecturers
  • discussion with personalities of the Czech political life, journalists and experts

Within the program we focus on four basic topics:

  1. Democracy and political systemWhy do people live differently in democracy and in a dictatorship? Comparison of the life in democracy and dictatorship. The aim is to realize the difference between the demarcation of limitations of the life in a totalitarian system and a system of the democratic right of their own free decision making – the freedom of speech, freedom of religion, movement or association, the right to vote or the right of private ownership.
  2. Information and media – How to find our way through the labyrinth of information? With the boom of information technology, a complicated labyrinth of information emerged, and it has become more and more difficult to tell the truth from a lie. The program should help the students understand the available information and teach them how to filter, verify and critically evaluate it.
  3. Confident citizenshipHow can I change anything? Can an individual and especially a young person change anything on his/her own? Which possibilities and instruments do the citizens have? The aim is to introduce the options of active citizenship to students and present how to influence the life and development of the public space.
  4. International politicsWhat is moving the world today? The world consists of units, which constantly influence each other, create one big international system and form the international environment, which is constantly changing. This workshop can help the students to understand the current international politics so that they would be able to understand the topical issues of our world.


Political Executive Excellence Program: Policy Making & Practical Training for Junior Political Executives

This program aims to prepare 15 young people for carriers of political executives, assistants, secretaries and advisers within the 3-month intensive training program.

Czech political parties have dealt for a long time with the lack of professionals with relevant education, experience and insiders working knowledge in the positions of executive assistants or advisors to its members.  The reality of rather less competent “political operatives” within the parties’ staff is based on insufficient linkage between theoretical education and practice, as well as on the underestimated need for systematic training and development programs for the party members (and their staff) by the parties themselves.

European Values think-tank is able to offer a helping hand in this way to young professionals with an interest in self-development on their way to the bigger impact of their political careers. The systematic preparation of the program participants will contribute to the long-term solution of the lack of experienced, oriented, process-knowing and soft-skilled experts within the political parties’ staff.

Participants of this program will be young professionals e.g. master students or recent graduates already working for an MP or young people who partly accidentally and not fully prepared have got into (often local) politics and who need to gain necessary experience, skills and knowledge of the political processes and relevant political (and other) institutions’ working in order to build their expertise, their own clear political stance in specific agendas, to adopt a package of values of the liberal democracy and to master the instruments to defend it effectively. Potential participants are young professionals in the age of 23-30 with relevant work experience in the party, public institution or an NGO, and at least Bachelor’s degree.

The training of participants will include several formats.

  • The participants will obtain a list of recommended and compulsory readings before the Program actively starts.
  • During the Program, they will get involved in workshops held by both external and internal lecturers of the European Values think-tank.
  • The participants will also take part in internal themed discussions and meetings with relevant figures in the field of politics, press, public relations. Moreover, they will visit relevant institutions (ministries, editorial offices, PR agencies) to meet the insiders and get acquainted with their job.