Press Release: European Values Think-Tank has changed its leadership. Goals and priorities remain the same.

Founder of the European Values Think-Tank, Radko Hokovský, has handed over the position of Executive Director to his longtime Deputy Jakub Janda, who also heads the Kremlin Watch Program, which focuses on countering Russia’s hostile influence efforts. Mr. Hokovský will continue working on topics pertaining to mass immigration and Islamist extremism in Europe as the Chairman of the Executive Board and Head of the Internal Security Program.

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Quick guide to Czech Presidental elections

At the end of January, incumbent president Milos Zeman faces a tight run-off in the second round of the presidential elections in the Czech Republic. His competitor is Jiří Drahoš, former Head of the Academy of Sciences. Their views on the geopolitical direction of the Czech Republic are diametrically different. Číst dále