New privacy shield – does it shield, does it protect?

The European Commission has published the current version of the new framework on the protection of personal data of European individuals in the United States. Does the new framework provide enough guarantees compared to its predecessors suspended by the Court of Justice of the European Union? Lawyers and commentators are grim about the new framework’s prospects. Číst dále

Taking Strong Action Against Islamism

In the following days, the Western society will engage in a discussion on how to respond to the series of terrorist attacks which took place on Friday in Paris and were carried out by the Islamic State. The right course of action is not the deployment of ground troops against ISIS, but a consistent political pressure on the Islamic ideology in Europe. Číst dále

Let us fight Islamism at home first

We have been losing the war against Islamic terror for the past fourteen years because we behave as if it is possible to beat it only by the use of military. Although we managed to bring Al-Qaeda to its knees, more terrorist groups despising the Western lifestyle emerged. Unless we oust Islamism from our cities politically, we can bomb as much as we want but there will always be thousands of jihadists hating what we love – freedom of an individual. Číst dále

Let’s change our approach to Islamism

How is it possible that ten months after Charlie Hebdo security organs were not able to improve their job so that they could prevent a much better organized, coordinated and certainly for a long time ahead planned attack that has been fatal for more than 130 people? Was it a failure of a security system or is it simply not possible to thwart all terrorist attacks? Číst dále

Set of analyzes from the European Values Think-tank: Islamism, jihadism, refugee crisis, radicalization and ISIS and Europe

In recent days, weeks and months, we have published a series of texts on topics such as Islamism, jihadism, refugee crisis, radicalization and ISIS and Europe. This site serves as a portal where these texts are collected. We monitor these issues systematically since 2012 and we operate our own analytical group Counter-Radicalisation Task Force.




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