#BalkansWatch: Bringing Visegrad experience for countering malign influence in Western Balkans

The goal of this project is to bring unified methodology (which was already proved in Visegrad countries) for analyzing and assessing foreign influence of third countries in the Western Balkans. It also sets out to bring Visegrad experience and lessons learnt with organization of advocacy and analytical networks, advocacy tactics, personal and NGO security to the Western Balkans. Furthermore, we will create #BalkansWatch network in Western Balkans by finding 15 top like-minded influencers in each of WB countries and developing network of 100+ Balkans expert watchers in the EU Currently, only limited experience on this issue on organizational and personal level exists among WB NGOs. Comparatively, this area is relatively well-researched among V4 think-tanks. Not only do WB NGOs need supervision and transfer of knowledge and experience in this specific field from their V4 counterparts, also more international focus is needed on this under-researched and under-estimated issue on the WB region. The project is unique in combining knowledge and experience transfer from V4 to WB, in organizing the NGO advocacy network on this issue (similar to one which exists in V4), creating practical bonds between V4 and WB specialists, and in mainstreaming this issue through existing communication channels of V4 think-tanks to international media and Western expert community. This is badly needed since the issue of third country influence activities in WB is under-estimated and it is in the interest of the Visegrad group to raise this issue internationally.


Political Capital, Hungary

Cybersecurity Foundation, Poland

STRATPOL – Strategic Policy Institute, Slovakia

Foreign Policy Research Institute, USA

Center for Democratic Transition, Montenegro