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Internal Security Forum Prague 2015



Islamic State and Counter-radicalization

2. – 5. September 2015


The Internal Securtiy Forum Prague 2015 was held
under the auspices of the President of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, Mr. Jan Hamacek,  Minister of the Interior of the Czech Republic, Mr. Milan Chovanec, and the Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Defence, Mr. Ivan Gabal.

The Internal Security Forum in Prague is a new platform for experts and policy makers in the field of internal security organised by the European Values Think-Tank. In 2015, the Internal Security Forum will focus on the so-called Islamic State as one of the primary security issues for the region, the European Union and global security in general. While the topic may seem too distant for policy makers in Central Europe, the Islamic State is not only detrimental to the Middle East but also threatens the security of the EU as a whole. Due to an unprecedented number of European citizens leaving to fight in wars in the Middle East and then returning to their home countries, the risk of terrorist attacks on European soil has significantly increased. European citizens fighting in the Islamic State’s militias are becoming a major internal security challenge for European states. Consequently, the fight against radicalisation into militant Islamism within European Muslim population has become even more urgent then before.

During one-day conference, high-level security experts from Western Europe and the USA met with their Czech counterparts to discuss pressing questions in the current European internal security environment. Each panel of speakers was followed by a discussion with the attending Members of the Czech Parliament and the representatives of ministries. By introducing the topic of radicalisation into militant Islamism and counter-strategies to the political representatives and the public servants, the conference aims to raise the level of understanding of this complex issue among the policy makers of the Visegrad countries. The Internal Security Forum in Prague gathered high profile participants from the European Union, the United States of America and other partner countries.

Roundtable “Security of Ukraine and its implications for Europe”

Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels in cooperation with the International Republican Institute and with support of the USA Mission to the EU and the International Renaissance Foundation organizes a visit of the Ukrainian experts to the Eastern European capitals (Budapest, Bratislava and Prague).  In cooperation with European Values Think-Tank and International Republican Institute a roundtable will be held in the Parliament of the Czech Republic on the topic of “Security of Ukraine and its implications for Europe”. Číst dále

Two-pack: podklad think-tanku Evropské hodnoty

Think-tank Evropské hodnoty vydává pod názvem “Two pack” podklad, který se věnuje nejnovějšímu vývoji v oblasti integrace fiskální politiky. Autoři Jan Famfule a Kamil Kovář analyzují tento nový legislativní balíček a zasahují ho do kontextu dalších opatřeních, kterými Evropská unie reaguje na finanční krizi. V PDF verzi si ho můžete stáhnout ZDE.