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The European Values Think-Tank offers an internship: Proof-reader of the English language

Proof-Reader of the English language 

What we require:

  • Perfect knowledge of the English language both written and spoken, English as a mother tongue;
  • Relevant field of study – English language and Literature, Political Science, International Relations or linguistic pedantry in English;
  • Time flexibility – exclusively online cooperation, approximately 10 hours per week;
  • Interest in Czech and European policy issues as an advantage, but not a requirement.


In case you are interested, please consider the task included in the selection process: Read through our publication outputs available at , choose three of them and find there possible stylistic and grammatical errors. Then copy the texts with discovered errors into MS Word and correct them via the “Track Changes” feature. Please attach the final file at the end of your completed form. 



Registered applicants are evaluated and accepted continuously. Start of the internship by mutual agreement.


Consider the form below for submitting your application, please. Get more info here


The European Values think-tank offers an internship: Proof-reader of the English language

  • Please upload a file that contains your CV.

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Policy shift overview: How the Czech Republic became one of the European leaders in countering Russian disinformation

Over the last year, the Czech Republic has undergone a major policy shift on the topic of Russian disinformation. Many questions have been raised on how it has happened and what practically it means. This paper aims to bring a simplified overview of what has happened in this particular field in the Czech context since 2014. This Kremlin Watch Report is available in PDF.

 policy shift_Page_01

A framework guide to tools for countering hostile foreign electoral interference

This brief Report aims to enumerate the tools that are nowadays used for hostile electoral interference and how they can be countered. It consists of 35 measures in 15 steps for enhancing the resilience of the democratic electoral process. The report by our Kremlin Watch Programme is available in PDF.

35 measures_Page_01

Overview of countermeasures by the EU28 to the Kremlin’s subversion operations 

How do the EU28 perceive and react to the threat of hostile influence and disinformation operations by the Russian Federation and its proxies? Kremlin Watch Report available in PDF.

Overview of countermeasures by the EU28 to the Kremlin’s subve