Autor - Veronika Víchová

Kremlin Watch Reader 2016

The Kremlin Watch Team monitors on weekly basis scientific publications in the field of disinformation and hostile Russian influence. The following reader brings you the most interesting analyses in this area, which we read in the year 2016. The reader can serve as a tool for acquiring a broader view on the subject, though of course, it is not complete or exhaustive. Číst dále

How to Distinguish Pro-Kremlin Disinformation

Nowadays, due to the endless possibilities of spreading unverified information, especially with the help of social networks, which are often used for political gains, hundreds of politicians, journalists and analysts use the term “disinformation”. As political and expert community struggles to use shared typology on this matter, analysts speak about this phenomenon in a similar way, but there are dozens of interpretations of what each term means and how it is perceived. That causes inaction and exhausting need for never-ending explanations of what means what. Therefore, we are summing up already existing definitions and frameworks.  Číst dále