Autor - Jakub Janda

How does Russian interference in Germany look like so far?

The bottom line of Kremlin’s strategy in Germany is pushing Germany’s soft spots by spreading disinformation to support AfD and luring its key public figures (mainly from the SPD) yields more fruit than only going hard directly against widely respected Angela Merkel. German Social Democrats are more than willing to copy-paste Russia’s messaging, as are Die Linke or the AfD. Číst dále

Six Immediate Steps to Stop Putin’s Aggression

Security experts who follow the West’s responses to Russia’s meddling in its internal affairs—through cyber hacks, massive disinformation, corruption of Western leaders, and espionage—have good reason to be disappointed. With a few exceptions in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries, and recently in the Czech Republic, very few real counter-measures have been put into practice. Despite almost every Western intelligence agency urgently warning about the Russian threat, only a few Western leaders are ordering their security institutions to develop and implement robust strategies and policies against it. Číst dále

Let us fight Islamism at home first

We have been losing the war against Islamic terror for the past fourteen years because we behave as if it is possible to beat it only by the use of military. Although we managed to bring Al-Qaeda to its knees, more terrorist groups despising the Western lifestyle emerged. Unless we oust Islamism from our cities politically, we can bomb as much as we want but there will always be thousands of jihadists hating what we love – freedom of an individual. Číst dále