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Gerhard Schröder

Nord Stream 2 is a controversial pipeline which is owned by Gazprom, a gas company controlled by the Kremlin. It is feared to be the Kremlin’s means to bypass states like Ukraine or the Czech Republic which are the usual transit countries, to extend its influence in Europe and make the European Union more energy dependent on Russia while its projects for access to liquid natural gas markets would be less viable. The European Commission and several European states took a sharp position against the building of the pipeline.

The reason we remind you of it is because the former German chancellor, Gerhard Schröder, was appointed its Chairman of the Board. He has been a long-time critic of sanctions against Russia and has been defending its foreign policy. With this step, he became a first class Kremlin apologist. With that in mind, we decided to name him Putinversteher of the Week.


Miloš Zeman

Shimon Peres, the last of the generation of founders of the State of Israel and a long-time proponent of a two-state solution, died in the age of 93. Politicians from all around the Globe came to honour his legacy to a funeral last week. One of the few statesmen who were missing was the Czech president Milos Zeman. Why? He went to Rhodos for the Dialogue of Civilizations conference hosted by the close ally of Vladimir Putin and a former high-ranking KGB official Vladimir Yakunin.

When asked about his absence at the funeral he said: “I thought a lot about going to the funeral. But I am used to fulfil my promises. And since I promised the organizers that I will come to Rhodos, I had to come. I like Shimon Peres very much. If I did not have this commitment, I would have come to the funeral.” When the president first officially announced his participation in Rhodos, he explained it by wanting to talk with Slovak Prime Minister and Hungarian president about the migration crisis. But Fico and Orbán both went to the funeral instead.

For his decision to visit the propagandistic conference for friends of the Kremlin despite all the Western politicians travelled to the funeral of an admired statesman and a proponent of peace, we decided to award Miloš Zeman with our weekly price.putinversteher

Supporters of separatism attending the Dialogue of Nations

As Newsweek reported, a forum called “Dialogue of Nations” organized by the Anti-Globalist Movement would be held in Moscow at the end of September. Among the honorary members of the movement is also Bashar al-Assad; the Syrian president and the Vladimir Putin’s ally. The official aim of the forum was to unite independence movements and to discuss supporting a multipolar world. Among the expected guests were groups seeking independence from their countries irrespective of their ideology from Texas, Catalonia, Venice and Lombardy, Scotland, Hawaii, or even California. However, the exact list of attendees has not been published before the forum actually took place. According to The New York Times, a representative of the Republican Sinn Fein showed up at the event.

Peter Kreko, director of Political Capital Institute from Hungary, told Newsweek: “The Important thing is what the movement fits perfectly to the general strategy of the Kremlin to encourage secessionist movements throughout Europe and encourage referenda.” We do not take a stance on separatist movements and do not claim they should or should not get together and discuss common issues, but to do so under the auspices of a movement supported by the Kremlin should not be the road to take in any case. Moscow would never support separatists trying to be independent from Russia; it only supports rebels who might want to join it. This is why we would like to give all the eventual attendees of the forum our weekly prize: Putinverstehers of the week.

Larry King

Donald Trump has recently given an interview to Larry King on his show called Politicking. The former CNN star has joined the ranks of RT in June 2013. This move created a lot of controversy and he has been criticised for his decision. He continues to run two podcasts there.



When Larry King was asked about it by reporters from The Daily Beast, he responded that he does not work for RT and that “they just license our shows”.  And yet, in a promo video for another one of his show, “Larry King Now”, he states: “I would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf. That’s why you can find my show, Larry King Now, right here on RT.”

For helping out to legitimize RT, ignoring the obvious disinformation efforts and the loyalty of the RT channel to the Russian government, Larry King gets to be our Putinversteher of the Week.


Larry King, Petty Officer 1st Class Chad J. McNeeley., Source: Wikimedia, Public Domain Mark 1.0

French extreme-right

French StreetPress (English translation by Euromaidan) recently reported the leak of several hundreds emails and attachments from the email account of Tatyana Egorova; a member of the press service of the governing body of the self-proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic”. The emails were shared by Tatyana Egorova’s Twitter account but it is highly possible that she personally was not the one who leaked them.

The documents show the extent to which the French citizens connected to the extreme-right groups are involved in the conflict in Donbas. Several dozen volunteers coming from extreme right groups like La Troisième voie, Bloc Identitaire, and strong supporters of Marine Le Pen, have come to Donetsk to join the separatists and fight side by side with them. Twenty-three people were identified in the emails but it is probable that there are more of them in Donbas; perhaps even twice as many. Some of them were contacted by StreetPress and confirmed that they received a salary of 15,000 roubles per month for their services.



A clear connection between the extreme-right groups and parties to the pro-Russian separatists and Russia itself becomes clearer all over Europe. We have already mentioned French politicians who visited the self-proclaimed separatist republics against Ukrainian law. It seems more than fair that we appreciate these “volunteers” in the same manner, which is why we have decided to name them Putinverstehers of the week.

Consulate of the Donetsk People’s Republic in the Czech Republic has the same legitimacy as a potential consulate of ISIS

According to the statement of self-declared “Donetsk People’s Republic”, its “consulate” will be opened on 1st September in Ostrava, third biggest city in the Czech Republic. It is supposed to be “the first official representation in the EU” and Ms. Nela Lisková, a member of so-called “National Militia” leadership, should be “the consul”.

At the occasion of this act we are publishing a statement of Jakub Janda, Deputy Director of the European Values Think-Tank and Head of our Kremlin Watch Program:

This “consulate” is not a real consulate. It is an effort of group of extremists controlled by Kremlin who occupy part of Ukraine and try to legitimize the aggressive moves of the Russian Federation towards a neighbouring state. The self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic is Russia’s puppet occupation regime, not a legitimate state. That is why this self-proclaimed “consulate” has the same legal and diplomatic legitimacy as if a private person from the Czech Republic opened a consulate of ISIS. It is worth pointing out that the Czech Government does not recognize it.

The connection to Czech extremist scene worth noticing. Ms. Nela Lisková is a member of “National Militia” leadership and in the past she went to the occupied Donbas for a “study trip”. “National Militia is an incubator of potential terrorist cells hostile to the Czech democratic regime. In fact, the group is connected to the extremist “National Democracy” party which does not hide its admiration for Putin’s Russia.

You can find an official position of the Czech Government on this case in Ukrainian here.

For comments, contact Jakub Janda, Deputy Director of the European Values Think-Tank and Head of Kremlin Watch Program, via e-mail janda(at)

Paul Manafort

Donald Trump’s campaign chief Paul Manafort handed in his resignation. Donald J. Trump thus becomes the next finished chapter of his extensive resumé. Among advising to campaigns of several Republican presidents, including Ronald Reagan, he also cooperated with a Filipino dictator Ferdinand Marcos or Mobutu Sese Seko; a military dictator from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Manafort is currently facing accusations of previously receiving payments from the former pro-Russian president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych. According to the AP, the Ukrainian anti-corruption agency published copies of handwritten accounting records with details of cash payments up to $12 million from the Ukrainian politicians to Manafort.

For helping not one, but possibly two Vladimir Putin’s preferred presidential candidates, we decided to name Paul Manafort our next Putinversteher of the Week.


Source: Fox News YouTube Channel (© 2016 YouTube, LLC)