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Existing Measures Against Islamic Extremism

European Values Think-Tank and The Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies present a new background paper, which provides a brief introduction to the existing measures against Islamic extremism in Europe. It describes some of the measures adopted by the European Union, as well as selected Member States: France, United Kingdom, and Germany. Access the paper hereČíst dále

Quick guide to Czech Presidental elections

At the end of January, incumbent president Milos Zeman faces a tight run-off in the second round of the presidential elections in the Czech Republic. His competitor is Jiří Drahoš, former Head of the Academy of Sciences. Their views on the geopolitical direction of the Czech Republic are diametrically different. Číst dále

Internal Security Program

The Internal Security Program (INSEC) is a joint program of the European Values Center for Security Policy and the Center Confident Czechia. The main objective of the program is to contribute to internal security, cohesion and security of the values of our society. It focuses on legal, political and sociological aspects of the fight against extremism and terrorism, migration policy, integration of foreigners and the EU’s internal security system.

The HOMEAFFAIRS Briefing is a regular specialised digest of the wider discussion on internal security policy. You can subscribe here.

The Internal Security Program organizes HOMEAFFAIRS – Internal Security Forum Prague annually. You can find more information about the conference here.


Radko Hokovský

Head of the Internal Security Program


Commentary on the first round of Czech presidential elections

“Incumbent Czech President Miloš Zeman, who acts as a trojan horse for the Kremlin, will grapple with pro-Atlantic Professor Jiří Drahoš in the second round. Given his widespread support and popular standing, as well as his multiple endorsements from other candidates, Professor Drahoš has a strong chance at winning.

The deciding factor is expected to be the intensive disinformation campaign directed against Professor Drahoš in the last two weeks prior to the second round. We’ve already seen a growing number of attacks related to migration and his personal affairs, which is likely to intensify.

Direct Russian support for the campaign of President Zeman has already begun. The headquarters of Lukoil in Moscow has paid off the personal debt of Mr. Martin Nejedlý in October 2016, chief advisor and de facto campaign manager of President Zeman. It becomes clear that the Kremlin has bought the key advisor behind the Czech President, who is now running for re-election.”

Summary of the Kremlin influence in the Czech Republic is available here.

Empowering Policy Positions of the Visegrad Group in the EU







This project has been created with support of the International Visegrad Fund, an international donor organization, established in 2000 by the governments of the Visegrad Group countries—Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia to promote regional cooperation in the Visegrad region (V4) as well as between the V4 region and other countries, especially in the Western Balkan and Eastern Partnership regions.


The project brings together think-tanks from all V4 countries and experts on migration policy & internal security to produce joint policy papers elaborating and clearly explaining details of the V4 positions and constructive proposals for the EU.

The project has three phases:
(1) FORMULATION of the V4 positions by partner think-tanks,
(2) DEBATE of the positions in V4 capitals,
(3) PRESENTATION to EU expert community in Brussels.
Thus, the gap in the communication of V4 positions towards V4 societies and West European NGOs, think-tanks and media will be mitigated. This project increases the level of public debate in V4 countries about migration and internal security policies and alleviates the lack of efforts that have been made so far to explain clearly and comprehensibly their views.


Program for the event in Prague

The general objective of this project is to rise profile of V4 policy position in the area of migration and internal security policy. Therefore, the project aims to (1) increase cooperation between V4 think-tanks in the area of migration and internal security policy, (2) contribute to the public debate about these issues with V4 public, and (3) rise awareness about policy positions of the V4 in EU community in Brussels.


 ANTON TUNEGA FOUNDATION (Bratislava, Slovakia)



This project is coordinated by Centre CONFIDENT CZECHIA with the support of International Visegrad Fund, European Values Think-Tank and Hanns Seidel Foundation.